Beck and Cat's First Kiss
This is the page for the Bat moments in A film by dale squires


    • Beck and Cat kiss for the movie that Tori directs.
    • Underneath the scene on the laptop, it says: Kiss Scene - Take 3, implying that they kissed three times.
    • Later, Jade slaps Cat in the face, claiming that she just did it because it was something her character would do. However, it is possible Jade hurt Cat as revenge for her and Beck's characters having to kiss, implying she does see Cat as a threat.
    • Cat "faints" after she kisses Beck, sliding against his front (for her movie role).
    • Cat and Beck are standing beside each other as Tori goes and complains to Dale Squires.
    • Beck wrote the movie they did, showing that he made Jake and Monica, Beck and Cat's respective movie roles, kiss.