This is the page for the Bat moments in Robarazzi


    • Cat grabs onto Beck's leg to get his attention, showing how anxious she is to see him.
    • Cat asks Beck to get very close to her so she can test out her necklace. The last time she says "Closer," she squeals.
    • Beck starts to look uncomfortable when Cat tells him to get closer and they are nearly face to face, but he does anyway.
    • Cat asks him if 'the world's brightest key chain' was too bright (after she shined it in his eyes), and Beck replies that he "loved that."
    • Beck was willing to lend Cat money for lunch, and rolls his eyes when she requests $49.99 plus shipping for Sky Store.
    • Cat takes Beck's pizza and "juices" it for him, which he didn't mind to much.
    • Beck tries to help Cat with her obsession with the Sky Store, ending with him ripping up one of her copies of the catalog.
    • After saying she wanted to just sit on the stairwell, Beck nudges her gently on the arm and says, "See ya, sport."
    • In this episode,Cat keeps making Beck test her new stuff from the Sky Store.